Artwork by: Sharla Rae

Sharla Rae is a Medium! She connects with your loved ones in Spirit and relays their messages to you; the living in physical form.

Tapestry of the Soul Art is an exciting and unique art form using Encaustic wax. Sharla Rae co-creates with Spirit to paint your one of a kind Tapestry of the Soul card. This card represents your energetic fingerprint, your soul, throughout lifetimes.

My purpose is to help you reconnect with the divine essence of your soul. To hear your spirit clearly, and to remember that you are divine, beautiful, abundant and worthy of all you desire. Love, Sharla Rae



Sharla Rae @ Hello@sharlarae.com

Sharla Rae- Psychic, Medium, Artist

Sharla Rae- Psychic, Medium, Artist