What to expect from a reading or group event?


My purpose is to connect the living and the living in spirit in a joy filled, loving, and sacred space. I strive to provide heartfelt evidence of those living in spirit. I begin every event with the intention that the gathering is in the highest good of all, that the energy is of the highest vibration for all, and that love, healing and communication flow easily and effortlessly. My intent whether through private readings or during a group event, is to provide an environment that is a reflection of this purpose.


These gatherings are conducted with great compassion and achieve a beautiful harmony that will leave the people/person feeling enlivened and uplifted. The group events are held in a warm and intimate atmosphere, either in your home or at an arranged location. New friends are often created from the shared experience.


I love people, plain and simple. I am compassionate, understanding and truthful. My years as a counselor have made me a good listener, my life as a medium has taught me the deceased love to be heard! It’s my nature to be gentle and loving. I pass along the information as I receive it. I want to help you connect with your loved ones and share the timelessness of the soul.

Channeling a Clear Connection:

When I channel, I feel like a radio picking up bits and pieces of information and relaying it. The best way to avoid static and keep the channel clear is to KEEP BREATHING!

Spirit Lead=Spirit Fed:

The best way to enjoy a reading or a live event is through curiosity, and acceptance that everything that is happening is in divine order and in perfect alignment with your highest good. I set a very high vibration and work with beautiful loving energies. When preconceived notions of what should happen, or who must come through are released this then allows for the best possible experience. Spirit is in charge, I listen, follow and deliver as spirit would have. I don’t have 1-800-dial the dead. Spirit calls and I answer. Therefore I can’t promise a connection with a particular person who has passed. No one can. Remember spirit is in charge, and spirit knows what your heart’s desire is, and what you need most at this moment. By following spirit, the outcome is perfect.


It is always a good idea to prepare yourself before you arrive. Anticipation and excitement is normal, as is the concern that none of your loved ones will want to talk to you. Trust me, there is always someone in spirit who wants to be heard! Whether it’s a loved one, or a spirit guide. Arriving with an open heart, open mind and the willingness to accept what happens is in divine order, will assure a great experience.


Sharla Rae