Tapestry of the Soul Artist Inner Beauty Revealed


Tapestry of The Soul~ artist Sharla Rae brings to life YOUR inner Tapestry. Revealing the truth, beauty, passion and purpose uniquely YOU.


As a psychic medium, I deliver clear heartfelt messages from those who have passed from this life to their next life, the life in Spirit. A reading offers hope for the future, closure with the path while creating peace in this present moment of connection.

Tapestry of the Soul creations are unique, individual and life changing. I create your very own inner aura through the use of Encaustic wax and channeling spirit. Just like people, no two Tapestry of the Soul creations are ever alike!


“Thank you for easing my pain. Thank you for making me feel so .... lucky again. Lucky to have been so loved.. lucky to BE THAT LOVED still. Thanks for your patience, your wisdom, your gift, and mostly.. yourself.
You did my heart so much good.”
— Carol
“Sharla Rae is one of the most gifted individuals I have had the privilege of working with. She has supplied me with great insight and guidance that has allowed for transformative experiences in my life.”
— Dr. Janelle Curlee
Sharla’a gift is honest and pure.”
— Ty Layne, San Antonio, Texas
Sharla is very attentive and gifted. I look forward to having her back on the program.”
— Shaunta Garth Executive Producer of The Mancow Muller
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